About us

St.Florian was created to ensure fire protection and enhance the decor of your home. That is why we created St.Florian FireFighter™ – a handy fire extinguishing device for home use available in over 150 amazing designs.

These three words define our philosophy:

+ Home
+ Safety
+ Design

St.Florian FireFighter™ combines safety with unique design and the highest manufacturing standards.


Original and practical gift

St.Florian FireFighter™ design fire extinguishers are a great idea for a present.

Housewarming, birthday, or a bachelor party are great occasions to present your friends with a funny and colorful fire extinguisher.

Our selection of more than 150 designs allows for an easy choice.

We also accept custom orders for specially branded and personalized products.


Can a fire extinguisher be pretty? Well, yes, of course! St.Florian says goodbye to a dull red bulky appliance we all know.

St.Florian FireFighter™ extinguishers are attractive tools that combine unique design and fire safety of your household.

A Provence style kitchen, a biker’s garage, or a fancy big city loft– we have something that goes with every interior.

We also accept custom orders for personalized, branded extinguishers as well as special orders.

Our ever-expanding offer includes over 150 designs!

WHERE DO I PUT MY St.Florian FireFighter™?

Where to put your fire extinguishing appliance in your house? There are many options. Remember to hang your FireFighter in a place near potential fire hazard. Below are some hints.

+ Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where fire is present on a daily basis. Our model lines including CHEF, BOTANICA or QUOTES are specifically designed for kitchen use. Hang your St. Florian FireFighter™ on a wall, no further than 2 meters from stove or other source of heat.

+ Garage

You should also keep a portable fire extinguishing device in your garage, especially if you use your electrical tools there. Choose from our GARAGE, QUOTES or SIGNS model lines. Remember to put St. Florian FireFighter™ in an easily accessible safe place.

+ Living room

Space with a fire place should be equipped with St. Florian FireFighter™ PATTERN, ART or SIMPLE – our premium models. Decorate your interior and but don’t put the extinguisher too close to the source of heat.

+ Boiler room

Boiler room and other spaces with heating appliances are particularly vulnerable to fire. Such places require a more basic model line such as St. Florian FireFighter™ SIMPLE, GARAGE or PATTERN.


Each year there are several dozen fires in Poland and fire brigade interventions are more and more frequent. House fires cause property damage and sometimes also result in loss of life.

Our apartments are filled with numerous flammable materials including wood panels, floors, and furniture. Electrical installation and connected appliances also pose fire risk. Fire may also spread when we cook or use the fire place.

Almost all fires, except those caused by explosion or malfunction, start with a small area and can be put out instantly with a glass of water. Most often they do not cause major material losses. However, if there’s no portable fire extinguisher or a person who can use it at a critical moment, and the fire is not spotted at once, it may spread quickly.

Polish law does not require building owners to own a fire extinguisher, it is however advised by the fire department.

Safety or design?
Now you can have both.


Each St. Florian FireFighter™ appliance has a unique serial number. You can find it on the cover of the included Fire extinguisher card. Store your card in a drawer or hang it on your fire extinguishing appliance.

We recommend that you register your fire extinguisher at firextinguishers.com/register-the-fire-extinguisher/.

This way you don’t have to keep your receipt. Additionally, after 5 years we will remind you to get your appliance inspected so that your home is protected at all times.